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Will I need a GP referral if I need surgery?

For most procedures, a GP referral is required. Your GP has access to your medical history, which will not only benefit you but will also be helpful to your consultant and us. If you have private medical insurance your insurer will usually require a GP referral. We advise you to contact your insurance company first.

What time are the visiting hours?

We have flexible visiting hours from 8am - 10pm. If you wish to have visitors outside of these hours and it does not interfere with your treatment or recovery, please speak to the nurse in charge of the ward.

What happens after the operative procedure?

The patient is taken to the recovery area in the operation suite and is monitored by the nurse. One has an oxygen mask, intravenous fluids and adequate pain killers are given After adequate recovery which is usually between 30 to 45 minutes the patient is transferred back to the ward. But this time can vary depending on the patient.

What is my recovery thereafter like?

In the ward you will be closely monitored by the nurse. Your pulse, blood pressure oxygen saturation etc will be frequently checked. You will be quite sleepy and will want t be left undisturbed. If you feel sick as a result of the anaesthetic you will be given adequate injections to stop this feeling. Within 2-3 hours you will be encouraged to move and use the toilet. You will be give fluids orally and some light diet if you feel like it. Most patents retire to bed after having a light supper and can eat a normal breakfast the following morning.

How long is the hospital stay for Gallstones's Surgical Treatment ?

Most patients are discharged on the following day. If however the patient has had a drain placed or if they are uncomfortable they may stay in hospital for an additional day.

When can I return back to work after a surgery?

Most patients can return to work within 10 -14 days. Those carrying out a desk job can do it even earlier.

What pain killers do I need after the operation?

Most patients are comfortable with over the counter paracetamol tablets that are to be taken 6 hourly (1gm every 6 hrs)

What are the follow-up arrangements?

Usually in 2-3 weeks time. To check all is well and to review the pathology report of the gallbladder.


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